Great Program

We love that the group teaches the girls about strong, positive, artistic, and intelligent Latina girls and women.  Before G.E.M we struggled to find programs and activities that provide my daughter rich cultural activities for her age group.

Susana.F -Parent
Culture Competence

G.E.M empowers girls by building cultural connections. Culture competence is key in daily life.  My daughter has put her own life into perspective and sees the world through compassionate eyes.  She is learning about self-acceptance, self-esteem, and pushing through her own comfort zone.

Patricia M. -Parent
Feels like Home

Volunteering in this program was a great opportunity that I truly did appreciate.  It improved my teaching skills with the girls and expanded my knowledge towards the Hispanic culture.  It made me feel at home.

Daisy A. -Volunteer
Team Work

These young ladies are investing their time, heart and passion into building a better tomorrow.  It's impressive on what a dedicated team can accomplish!

David G. - Parent
Leadership building

My daughter enjoys going everytime to learn more about how to be a leader and help the community.
​Thank you for everything girasoles.

Fatima L. -Parent
Facebook Review
Live the best Life

An Incredible group.  They came to my book reading of "Dream Big" and touched my life with their dedication, courage, and desire to live the best life.

Kat Kronenberg - Author
Google Review